WWE RAW Results (8/5/19)

Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade w/Zelina Vega

Mysterio is all over Andrade to start. Andrade surprises Mysterio with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Mysterio almost hits the 619. Andrade cuts Mysterio off with a lariat. Andrade stomps Mysterio in the corner. Mysterio head scissors Andrade out of the ring. Mysterio hits a diving sunset flip bomb into the barricade! After the break, Mysterio hits a top rope ranna. Top rope senton by Mysterio. Mysterio lands a head kick. Andrade kicks out. Code Red by Mysterio. Andrade kicks out. Andrade obliterates Mysterio with a spinning back elbow. Mysterio gets crushed via a tree of woe foot stomp.

Mysterio surprises Andrade with a crucifix bomb. Andrade kicks out. Mysterio tries a ranna but Andrade reverses it into a tossing powerbomb. Corner double knees by Andrade. Mysterio somehow manages to kick out. Andrade tries to lift Mysterio but Mysterio reverses it into a Mexican Destroyer. 619 by Mysterio. Mysterio tries a splash but Andrade gets his knees up. Powerbomb by Andrade. Andrade tries to rip off Mysterio’s mask. While the referee is distracted, Vega stuns Mysterio on the middle rope. Andrade hits the Hammerlock DDT for the win.

Winner- Andrade

Maria and Mike Kanellis are at the OBGYN. Maria tells Mike his only job is to protect her, the baby, and the 24/7 Championship. Mike says he won’t let her down. Maria says that will be the day. After the break, Maria is in stirrups. Mike hugs his wife. The doctor starts to count! Mike just beat Maria for the 24/7 Title!

Winner and New 24/7 Champion, Mike Kanellis!

Mike runs out of the room. R-Truth is waiting. Truth says his water broke. Truth tosses a babydoll in the air. Mike catches it. Truth rolls up Mike for the win!

Winner and New 24/7 Champion, R-Truth!

Backstage, Lynch says she wants Natalya to bring her whole family to SummerSlam so they can watch her tap out.

Natalya says she is going to end Lynch’s career at SummerSlam

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