Dr. Wagner Jr. Retires After Losing To Blue Demon Jr. In Bloody TripleMania XXVII Main Event

Two lucha libre legends faced each other in the main event of TripleMania XXVII. It was a luchas de apuestas match with Dr. Wagner Jr.’s hair on the line and Blue Demon Jr. putting his legendary mask up for grabs. The stakes couldn’t get higher and Wagner Jr. even wore his family’s mask despite losing it and having to reveal himself to the world back in 2017.

Blue Demon Jr. didn’t like the gesture and started ripping Wagner’s mask and cut his opponent before forcing the mask off entirely. Both wrestlers came with entourages out to the ring and they came involved with the match throughout. Wagner Jr. battled through the serious cut and then started to tear Blue Demon Jr.’s mask as revenge. He then used a pan to knock his opponent silly.

Both veterans were each other’s equals for the next few minutes as they traded blows and holds with neither getting a huge advantage as the other would fight back into the match. However, several pan shots later and now Blue Demon Jr. was gushing blood through the holes in his mask. Blue Demon Jr. then found a hammer and struck Wagner’s head and hand with it. After doing a huge amount of damage, he dropped the hammer and started working the injured hand and put on a nasty Fujiwara armbar that was broken up due to a rope grab.

Blue Demon Jr. continued to work Wagner Jr.’s injured left arm but the wily veteran got out of a tight hold by tapping while the referee wasn’t looking and getting Blue Demon Jr. to let go. Back in the match, he hit a one-handed Dr. Driver that was kicked out of by his masked foe. He hit it three times but the referee was pulled out by Blue Demon’s family. The two entourages then began to brawl and Blue Demon Jr. got a concrete block and hit Wagner Jr. in the head with it. That was enough for the win.

As per the stipulation, Wagner Jr. then had his head shaved in the middle of the ring. He handed his ponytail to Demon Jr. and then his opponent finished the shaving. Afterward, Wagner Jr. said he won’t ruin his legacy and announced his retirement.