Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks Lose An AEW vs. AAA Match At TripleMania XXVII

It was an All Elite Wrestling vs. AAA showdown as Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks took on Pentagon, Fenix, & Laredo Kid in a six-man tag match. This pairing isn’t new as the same match happened at AEW Fyter Fest earlier this year where The Elite prevailed. Things were different in Mexico, however, as all the lights were on them in a pivotal TripleMania XXVII match.

Despite a quick start by The Elite, they soon found themselves down in the match as the luchadors were able to take them out with a coordinated offensive assault. Both of the Young Bucks took a tremendous amount of damage as all three luchadors ganged up on them while Kenny Omega was recovering ringside. The fresh Omega tried to make a save but then found himself getting overwhelmed. However, the Executive Vice Presidents of AEW weren’t about to give up and worked their way back into match after Omega took out the referee.

Omega got hot and took out several of the members until Fenix hit a cutter on him but the referee was down and unable to get the pinfall as a result. The Elite then hit all three luchadors in the balls and performed powerbombs that got a two count. They then hit a double Meltzer Driver but Pentagon dragged out the referee. Omega then tore the mask off Fenix and then put it on himself to mock him. He then hit a V-Trigger on Fenix, who then stole his mask back and gave Omega a hurricanrana.

This distraction was enough for the luchadors to get the upper hand. A new referee entered the match and we were treated to several close two counts in the Lucha Brothers’ favor. Pentagon finally got the winning pin on Matt Jackson after a beautiful flying stomp piledriver with his brother.

After the match, Omega got on the microphone and congratulated his opponents. “What a wonderful country you have here,” said Omega. “Thank you so much AAA. Thank you so much Mexico. I travel the world and I do what I do to find the best. I travel the world and I do what I do to make history. Today you guys filled this arena. Today we sold this place out. Once again congratulations and thank you.

“Fenix, I want to say thank you to you too but first I’d like to ask you a favor. I want your belt and if you people want it, I will come back here to AAA and challenge you Fenix in a one-on-one match anytime, any place in Mexico.” Fenix then agreed to the future title match in Mexico.

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