Cain Velasquez Wins Pro Wrestling Debut With Cody Rhodes & Psycho Clown

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight titleholder Cain Velasquez has officially gone from mixed martial arts to professional wrestling. The former champ that dethroned Brock Lesnar tagged with Psycho Clown and Cody Rhodes at TripleMania XXVII to face off against Killer Kross, Taurus, and Texano Jr.

Velasquez got the tag from Cody Rhodes and got to take on Texano Jr. in his first wrestling encounter. The rudo clearly didn’t want anything to do with the UFC star and immediately tagged out to Taurus. Velasquez looked great as he did a hurricanrana and quickly showed off his surprising aerial skills. Killer Kross was then tagged in and his teammates left him to deal with Cain.

Velasquez showed his wrestling base by hitting several suplexes and then slapped his foe to make it personal. The rest of the heels then stormed the ring and gained a temporary advantage. Kross then whipped Velasquez with a thick rope and Taurus tried to make him submit with an armbar but was unsuccessful. Cain regained his steam and was able to use some kicks and punches to put the rudos down.

With the tecnicos now in full control, Psycho Clown dived on a table and took out Kross. Velasquez was then alone in the ring with Texano and he capitalized by delivering a lovely suplex and followed up with a kimura that got the submission victory.

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