Chris Jericho Says Everyone Owes Him A Thank You For AEW TNT Debut Sellout

The very first television taping for All Elite Wrestling is slated to take place on October 2, and according to Chris Jericho, the show has already sold out. Taking to social media to announce the news, Jericho stated that the show sold out in three hours, and credited none other than himself for the reason why.

“AEW’s debut television taping, October 2nd from the Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C., sells out in three hours,” he said. “Everyone said ‘Oh, what’s it going to do, is it going to be 60% full, 70% full?’ I said no, it’s gonna to sell out, in three hours, because look at who’s in the center of the poster. Look who’s front and center in every ad for the show, Chris Jericho.”

Jericho took things a step further, demanding thank you’s from the likes of the AEW roster, including Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega. “So AEW, once again, all the office personnel, Tony Khan, all those kiss asses who are sucking up to him, Young Bucks, Cody, Kenny, all ya … we a thank you,” he said. “Every single person who bought a ticket and sold that show out in three hours deserves to tell me thank you. I need a thank you, I demand a thank you, and I’m going to get my thank you. You’re welcome.”