Kevin Nash Undergoes Stem Cell Procedure In Neck

WWE Hall Of Famer Kevin Nash took to Twitter to reveal that he recently underwent a stem cell procedure in his neck to help fix some lingering injuries over the years. Nash shared a video form the procedure as well, which you can check out below:

Today receiving inter disc stem cell treatment from @bioxcellerator. The way we treat injuries to our bodies and expecially the brain is changed forever. No place I contacted had the quality or quantity @bioxcellerator could treat me with. Medellin is beautiful.

Nash responded to a fan on Twitter and revealed he went in for neurological reasons, and plans to have his CTE addressed in a follow-up visit:

Yes,but I went for neurological reasons. I’ll have my CTE addressed next visit. The IV treatment will definitely work its way fo my brain cells. All 35 of them

Earlier today, Nash posted an update on Twitter and revealed he’s feeling great after his procedure. He even noted that, for the first time in 7-9 years, his hand wasn’t numb:

Woke up this morning and for the first time in 7-9 years my right hand wasn’t numb. No placebo real results. I was so bad those 50 million cells in my neck said shit we haven’t time to unpack we got to go . Haven’t smiled this much since holding my son for the first time

Former WWE star Ryback recently took to Twitter and revealed he himself plans on receiving stem cell treatment soon too:

Just getting my discs injected with stem cells so I could go do it all over again. bioxcellerator_ here in Colombia. playing a huge part in this Ryback Regeneration of over 3 years. I can’t stop smiling today…

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