Bully Ray On How Vince McMahon & WWE Will Counterprogram AEW’s TNT Debut

On Busted Open Radio, Bully Ray took an educated guess on what WWE will do to try to counter AEW’s debut on TNT. He starts by guessing that Vince McMahon has a “special in his back pocket” to put out as counterprogramming. “He’ll probably do like a Saturday Night’s Main Event on Wednesday and load it to the balls just to fight AEW on their first night.”

He continues to speculate that Vince could even put this loaded special onto USA that Wednesday, comparing it to Clash of the Champions going up against WrestleMania back in the day. “Vince really wants to take the wind out of the sails of that first AEW show on TNT.” While Bully notes that there will be a diehard contingent of AEW fans who will be watching TNT regardless, it’s all about capturing WWE fans who might want to sample the competition on a night that traditionally hasn’t had a wrestling presence on TV. “WWE runs of the risk of their fanbase checking out AEW. If they check it out, they might like it better.”

For the full audio of the clip, be sure to check out the embedded tweet:

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