Fandango & Tyler Breeze Reunite In NXT, Pete Dunne Attacks Velveteen Dream

Fandango & Tyler Breeze Reunite In NXT

Tyler Breeze was wrestling Jaxon Ryker during tonight’s episode of NXT, and after Breeze came away with a victory, Ryker and the rest of The Forgotten Sons began delivering a beating to Breeze. However, Fandango surprised the crowd by rushing in and diving into the ring, saving Breeze and reuniting the Breezango craze for the fans.

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Pete Dunne Attacks Velveteen Dream

Pete Dunne defeated Roderick Strong tonight in a big match, and afterwards the superstar sent a big message to Velveteen Dream. After Dunne’s victory, Dream snuck into the ring and began striking poses for the crowd. Unfortunately, Dunne was on to him, and quickly grabbed him and delivered a Bitter End to the NXT North American Champion. With their match at NXT TakeOver Toronto coming up, this was a big message to the champ.