Jon Moxley Prepares For Toru Yano G1 Match By Buying His DVD (Video)

Jon Moxley is currently in the lead of the G1 Climax 29’s B-block with 10 points and next up he’ll face Toru Yano. As is customary, the two faced off in a tag team match before their singles contest with Yano teaming with Ren Narita and Moxley teaming up with the “panty dropper” Shota Umino.

During the match, Jon Moxley surprised fans by saying he wanted to buy Yano’s DVD. He demanded 5,000 yen for it, so Moxley got the money from his young lion and then went for a quick pin while Yano pocketed the money. It shows that Yano might not be the only wrestler trying to pull tricks off in their upcoming G1 match. As for the match itself, Yano ended up getting the win after pinning Umino.

Check out a clip of that moment and the match itself below:

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