Ethan Page On Challenges Of Making Towns And New Fans, BBQ Brawls And His Weekend With Swoggle

Ethan Page recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam and the current IMPACT Tag Team Champion spoke about staying busy on the road and how he gets along with the other wrestlers in his travel crew. Ethan said the guys he rides with—Space Monkey, Kobe Durst and  Josh Alexander, among others—are all relatable because they aren’t partiers and would rather spend time at home with family or playing video games like him. Ethan noted one thing he does look forward to is the challenge of a new town or fanbase, and that it encourages him to keep working hard.

“It’s the connection I have with the fans, or the challenge of a new town, trying to make fans. I credit all my success to like a grassroots, everything one by one kind of thing. I don’t want to lose that kind of work ethic so I’ll just push myself to keep this pace as long as I can.”

Page has a growing vlog where he documents his pro wrestling career and related antics, and said some things just don’t make the cut for one reason or another. He noted some of the things they’ll see while making towns, but they might not necessarily be able to (or want) to film it.

“This weekend in Texas, we saw an insane brawl with a family get pulled apart while we were going to get barbecue. That was not a moment that I wanted to pull out my camera and get put in that fight.

There was that, and I’m currently editing a vlog that will come out in a week or two where I spent the entire weekend with Hornswoggle. When we were in Minnesota we had a few too many drinks, so we didn’t film any of that.”

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