Steve Austin On if There’ll Be Another ‘Stone Cold,’ Kevin Owens Using The Stunner

Sports Illustrated caught up with Steve Austin before his new television show “Straight Up Steve Austin” premieres on USA. While talking to him, they got his thoughts on both Becky Lynch and Kevin Owens, alongside if there will ever be another “Stone Cold.”

Check out highlights below:

On if Kevin Owens will be the next Steve Austin:

With Kevin Owens, don’t throw my name on there. This guy can talk a lot of trash, he is great in the ring, and he’s using my finisher, but hell, no one is going to be the next Steve Austin.

I remember when people were saying I was going to be the next Ric Flair when I was in WCW. No one’s ever going to be the next Ric Flair, and you’re not going to see the next Hulk Hogan or the next Bret Hart, either. It just doesn’t happen that way. People like to say that because of the similarities, but what we should be saying is, ‘I want this guy to be the next big thing.’

If he has any issue with Owens using the stunner:

My finish was being used by someone else before I really made it famous, or trademarked it, so to speak,” said Austin. “So I told him, go ahead and use the Stone Cold Stunner.

Being compared to Becky Lynch:

It’s just like when people wanted to compare me to Becky Lynch. We have similar attitudes, but she’s done things so differently than I have. She’s running her own race, she has her own career, and she’s doing a phenomenal job. People are comparing her to me because she’s got that abrasive attitude like I did, but that’s what we are supposed to have in pro wrestling. You know, I always hated when people called the ‘Attitude Era’ the ‘Attitude Era’ because I always thought professional wrestlers had attitude to begin with.

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