Elias Sings An Ode To Shane McMahon, Loses To Kevin Owens

Elias brought his brand of mockery and music to Nashville tonight, where he stepped into the WWE Smackville ring with his guitar to put on a concert. While things started out well for Elias, he soon quickly began mocking the audience, before dedicating a song to Shane McMahon that the crowd was not a fan of. Thankfully for them, Kevin Owens was able to sneak into the ring, stopping the show and challenging Elias to a match.

After a referee was able to be found and the match made official, Owens came close to losing to Elias early on. To start, Elias got a big upper hand on Owens, getting in a series of punches and kicks to Owens that left him sprawled out on the ground. However, after Owens was able to move out of the way and Elias leapt off the top rope onto the canvas alone, Owens nailed him with a stunner, ending the concert and the match.