Scott Steiner On Not Wanting A WWE Hall of Fame Induction: ‘It’s Nowhere, It’s In Vince’s Mind’

Speaking for Ringside Collectables, Noelle Foley interviewed “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner this past weekend and San Diego Comic-Con. After some introductions, the conversation shifted to Steiner’s historic wrestling career.

What is your favorite wrestling moment?

I don’t really have one. There’s a bunch of times that were really special, especially when we wrestled in front of 190,000 people in North Korea. Any time you win the World Title or World Tag Team Titles, it’s always something to think back on.

Would you like to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame one day, and if so, would you like to be inducted with Rick?

Well, I don’t deal in fantasy. I don’t deal in hypotheticals. Where’s the Hall of Fame at? It’s fu*king nowhere, it’s in Vince’s mind. So it’s just all bullsh*t. Screw that.

If Mattel made an action figure of you, what gear would you prefer?

Man. I had a great time tagging with my brother and I also had an equally… or even more fun being a bad guy. I loved pissing other people off. I really don’t have a favorite one, so both. Gotta make two.

You can see the full interview with only minor censoring in the video below.

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