Why Bret Hart & The Bella Twins Chose Not To Attend RAW Reunion

In a report included in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, we get a bit of insight as to why Bret Hart declined an invitation to appear alongside The Boogeyman and former WWE 24/7 Champion Kelly Kelly at RAW Reunion. According to the Observer, Bret’s absence was not due to his recent appearance in AEW and he was invited to attend. He simply declined due to the fact that “he’s loving the summer in Calgary and didn’t want to miss one day of it.” Bret has said that he’s not taking any bookings this Summer because of the weather and won’t appear anywhere until sometime in August.

The Bella Twins were also invited to RAW Reunion, and they appeared on some of the preshow marketing materials on WWE.com. They declined due to “a previous engagement” and didn’t specify beyond that.

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