Rey Mysterio Reveals Target Timeframe For Dominick’s In-Ring Debut, Details Near-Training Injury

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio was interviewed by Noelle Foley for Ringside Collectibles at San Diego Comic-Con recently. “The Master Of The 619” discussed his favorite superhero ring gear, the target date for his son, Dominick’s, in-ring debut, and a near-training injury his son almost suffered.

Here are the highlights:

His favorite superhero ring gear:

I would have to say, throughout the several that I’ve busted out at WrestleManaias, probably the Joker outfit was one of my faves. Most definitely. I think it was because it was the first heel character I busted out, so I think fans really loved it, and I kind of got attached to it.

Dominick’s target timeframe for his in-ring debut:

He is in preparation right now. And, hopefully – I shouldn’t say hopefully. The prediction is that by next year, somewhere around this time, he would be in the ring already doing his thing. Right now we’re preparing him, making him look forward to what he has coming for the next several years in his life. I’m blessed, I’m a blessed father, a blessed person to be able to share something that’s so passionate to me with my son.

A near-training injury Dominick almost suffered:

I was actually in the ring with my son yesterday – right now when you say injuries. True enough, I remember grabbing him by the leg, I spun around and as I was sitting down I landed on his wrist. And then you just hear it snap. Thank God nothing happened, but you’re right, injuries are always there.

On a related note, Mysterio spoke with WZ’s Kevin Kellam about passing on his legacy to his son. Check out that interview below:

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