Jimmy Uso Arrested For DUI In Florida (Updated)

Update: A law enforcement officer speaking to TMZ Sports says Uso was stopped for speeding and driving erratically, including “swerving left and right.”

When Uso was approached he reportedly reeked of alcohol and Uso refused to participate in a DUI test attempt by the officer. After his refusal, Uso was arrested, and he was also given a speeding citation on top of the DUI charge. According to official records, Uso was released on bond at 10:15 a.m. this morning.

WWE also released a statement on today’s arrest, which was the same as the February arrest: “Jonathan Fatu is responsible for his own personal actions.”

Jimmy Uso was arrested for driving under the influence early Thursday morning near Pensacola, Florida.

TMZ is reporting Uso—real name Jonathan Fatu—was arrested at 3:04 a.m. The records show he was arrested for DUI—unlawful blood alcohol level (statute 316.193.1), but the exact details surrounding the arrest, including what his B.A.L. was at the time of arrest, are still unclear. Uso remains in jail at this time, and his bond is currently set at $1,000.

This is Uso’s second run-in with police this year, as he was also arrested for an incident with police in Detroit in February. During that stop, Uso reportedly tried to prevent his wife, WWE star Naomi, from getting out of their car during a stop by local police. The situation then escalated from there when Uso tried to “square up” with an officer, and was then arrested for disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice. He was facing jail time, but later plead no contest to interfering with a government employee and paid a $450 fine.

At the time of the February arrest, WWE issued the following statement:  “Jonathan Fatu is responsible for his own personal actions.”

In a bit of irony, John Cena mocked both Usos’ mugshots during their opening rap-off promo on Monday’s RAW Reunion show. The Usos referred to Cena as ‘the cat that left us for the movie biz’ and Cena replied with:

“Respect for callin’ me out, but ain’t no way I’m gettin’ bested. Y’all look just like your mugshots—how was it gettin’ arrested?”

Uso replied with a “shout out to Hillsborough County”—a reference to Jimmy’s arrest for a similar incident in Tampa back in 2011 before the segment moved on. Jey was arrested for DWI in Hidalgo, Texas in January 2018.

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