The Elite Say Stephen Amell Will ‘Always Have A Home With AEW’

Tony Khan, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks sure had one busy day yesterday after it was announced that AEW will be having their weekly flagship show on TNT every Wednesday starting on October 2. The suits and interviews were in full effect as the five made their rounds for Hollywood interviews, and one particular question was asked about Elite co-hort Stephen Amell.

TV Guide asked if it’s possible that we’ll see the Arrow star make his way under the AEW banner considering that the series is ending soon and Cody Rhodes went on to say the following:

“Stephen is a wrestler, so we would, I think absolutely, when the time comes, if Stephen needs a home as a wrestler, ever wants to get back in the ring, we’re ready for it in case he ever wants to show up. And he’s watched every second of what we’ve done and commented on it so far. I just can’t wait for the day.

TV Guide will be interviewing Amell next week and the interview asked if The Elite had anything they wanted to say to entice him back in the squared circle.

“Tell him, just tell him that he’ll always have a home with AEW.”

You can watch the clip below:

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