Noam Dar Says Kenny Williams Was Just A Support Act, Can’t Tie His Shoes

After defeating Kenny Williams during an episode of NXT UK that saw him toss a shoe out of the ring, Noam Dar was quick to defend his actions after the match. After making it backstage, Dar was asked what it was like to wrestle Williams, and what he has to say to many calling his victory underhanded.

“There was no underhanded tactics, and don’t say that Kenny and I are [lifelong] friends,” he said. “He had a chance to be in Supernova 11’s team, to be the support act to the star player of NXT UK, and he messed it up. And I’ll tell you another thing that he messed up: tying his shoelaces on his little, daft shoes. It’s not my fault that his shoe fell off, it’s not my fault that he got kicked in an undisclosed location. It’s not my fault that I nearly broke his jaw with a nova roller, and it’s not my fault that Supernova 11 is the best here.”