Collector’s Corner: Mattel WWE Elite 69 In-Depth Review (Photos)

Hey guys! Sorry this review took so long as I was awaiting the chase figure from this epic set, Mattel WWE Elite 69! I got mine on as can you where you can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

Let’s jump into this review of this amazing, highly anticipated Elite series!

The Packaging

This series features the typical WWE Elite style packaging unlike Elite 68 that was themed. Each box has the slick, white design and features the designated wrestler on each side and back as always. This set includes:

  • Tommaso Ciampa
  • Ali (with Chase variant)
  • Bobby Lashley
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Ricochet
  • The Miz

Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa is one of my favorites in the set. He looks fantastic as they gave him a new, more muscular torso as well as an updated head scan that looks just like him. He has an angry expression as well as tiny gray hairs in his beard, which is awesome. He also comes with swappable hands, one of which is not taped like his more closed hand (kind of odd) as well as removable camouflage pants and a green crutch. I’m not sure why his crutch is green, but at least it’s a new accessory. Underneath his pants he has his wrestling gear, which is pretty detailed, too.

Overall, Ciampa is a fantastic figure. The likeness is spot on as is the detail on his trunks. I love he has swappable hands, probably gave him those to do his wave he would do on the stage, I just don’t like they didn’t paint the tape unless it’s a “tapeless” hand from post match? Besides that it’s awesome his pants are removable as it’s like two outfits in one, he’s just missing his shirt but you can get one from Thread Head Custom Clothing as well as other shirts for these figures to complete their look. People complained his thighs aren’t as muscular as they should be but I don’t really mind as he still looks nice.

There also is a variant version, just the way he is packaged. You can see both versions in the gallery below.


Ali was one of my highly anticipated figures in this set. He has the Chase variant as well. The Chase version is in red attire while the main release version is in yellow attire. It’s the same figure, just different colored outfits. Ali is pretty detailed as he has a removable face mask and vest, plus swappable hands that are all new molds as the hands on him in the box have the “lights” in his palms. Besides that he looks great all around as this is his very first action figure, too!

Overall, Ali is really cool in my opinion. You can currently get both versions on Ringside, but I honestly prefer the chase one as the red just looks nicer to me. I really wish they’d make an Elite in black, blue or purple as I love that. Definitely pick this up if you’re a fan of his as it’s a great figure all around!


Ricochet was mine and probably many others’ most anticipated figure in this set as it is also his very first action figure. They did a really nice job in my opinion. Likeness is pretty good, wouldn’t say it’s super spot on but it’s not bad. The attire is really nice and of course his tattoo work is awesome. He does come with removable entrance gear that is a rubber material so you won’t have too tough a time removing it. Only thing lacking on the figure is his knee pad graphic, but you can get it from Curb Stomp City Custom Decals if you want to make the figure fully accurate. He also has swappable hands but people feel the open hands are huge and I tend to agree. The fingers look really long, making the hand look pretty big.

Overall, Ricochet is great minus the hand issue. He’s super detailed and comes with some awesome entrance attire. It’s only his first figure as well so you can expect many more I’m sure. He seems to be one of Ringside’s best sellers as of late, too!

Bobby Lashley

Lashley is another great figure in this set and this is his very first Mattel WWE figure, too. He does have a Basic style one coming soon. Lashley comes with a ton of accessories: hat, headband, sledgehammer, vest, and a tire. His head scan is pretty good and the detail on his very simple outfit is nice, too. From the logos on his trunks to his wrist bands.

Overall, Lashley is a nice figure in the set that many may overlook as his popularity has dwindled on WWE. Being it’s his first I’d recommend picking it up and the accessories are a nice bonus, too. Plus he has those swappable hands that point where you can recreate his taunt. I was excited to get him as he hasn’t had a new figure in ages and this is his first Elite, too. Don’t sleep on this figure!

The Miz

This is honestly Miz’s best figure to date. The likeness is amazing and they finally captured him so well in my opinion. He has his goofy glasses and a headband for an accessory plus his crazy detailed jacket. The jacket is made of rubber as there’s no way they could make a cloth one, but it is very difficult to remove as it’s a stiff rubber. Be very patient and careful when removing it. Once he’s out of the jacket you can see his pretty detailed attire, which also looks quite nice. He, too, has pointing swappable hands.

Overall, this is his best figure to date. I highly recommend it. Even if you’re not a fan of his you should get this one to update your roster as it’s easily his best. I can’t stress that enough as you can probably tell. The detail on it is amazing and the likeness was finally captured correctly.

Rey Mysterio

Lastly we have Rey Mysterio. I was excited for Rey but it’s not his most exciting figure. It’s still using the old molds, but we did see a new mold coming at SDCC thankfully. Rey is in his all green and white attire and fancies his older head scan. He has a removable, rubber shirt and swappable hands. His hands are a bit too large though in my opinion like his Elite 67 figure, so hopefully his future figures will have correct sized hands. Not to mention he also comes with a flight stand that fastens to a turnbuckle post to help you recreate flying moves with him.

Overall, not the most exciting Rey figure. The attire isn’t anything too special and the hands really bother me as they’re just too large for his body. I really hope they fix that for his future figures. Besides that, if you want a more recent Rey I recommend picking it up. But his future one coming looks much better in my opinion.


Elite 69 is one of the best sets to date and I know many other collectors feel the same. The figures just look really nice overall and the lineup is great, too. Sure the figures have their pros and cons, as most do, but this set as a whole is much nicer than a lot of other lineups both previous and announced. If you want them now get them over on Ringside otherwise press your luck at retail when they hit.

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