Total Engagement: ‘Ask Matt Monday’, Why Mark Henry Was Right About Becky Lynch Being Arrogant

It’s Monday, and Matt wanted to do a “Monday Morning Minute”, but he got too many questions, so we are calling it “Ask Matt Monday”

Last week, Mark Henry called Becky Lynch “arrogant” and explained how she was acting more like a heel, and he wanted to see her go back to being more of an underdog. Henry added further explanation on Twitter and Becky responded, but Matt explains why he thinks Mark Henry was completely right about Becky Lynch, and makes his case as well.

I said my truth as a fan and analyst! I like to feel for my good guys and women! When they say what the bad guys and girls say it comes across as over confidence. Which in the real world makes you heel!

I never said she was not over period. I said the opposite, Jim Cornette, Danny Davis, Rip Rodgers, Tom Pritchard, Arn Anderson, Pat Patterson an many other Master psychologist have taught me to put the heel over and over come their dominance by surviving an out wrestle them.

It’s Monday! Rise and Shine and start the week off with some Total Engagement.

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