The Miz On Finding Footing As A Face And Winning Over The Audience

In a talk with The Wrap, The Miz talks about The Process of turning face in WWE after being a beloved bad guy for so long. “It’s not like WWE changed me to a babyface — it was the audience.” Miz attributes this partially to his starring role on Miz and Mrs., a reality show he shares with his wife and former WWE performer Maryse. “Seeing me on a show, and actually see that I’m not– I hope people see that I’m not as arrogant and cocky and egotistical as I am on TV.”

He also states that it took a while for the so-called WWE Universe to warm up to him in any capacity, comparing himself to the currently hated Baron Corbin. Corbin is currently the “heel you just can’t stand” and “don’t want to watch,” and Miz says that he was “that guy for a long time. It took a long, long time.”

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