Alexa Bliss Plans To Have An Exposé On Becky Lynch At Tonight’s RAW Reunion

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated is reporting that Alexa Bliss will have her showcase talk segment “A Moment Of Bliss” tonight on WWE RAW and the guest couldn’t be any bigger than Becky Lynch. The WWE RAW Women’s Champion has a match set for Natalya at WWE Summer Slam, but before she does Alexa Bliss wants to have The Man on the hotseat.

In the report, Alexa Bliss states that Lynch should have an expose on her past and Bliss thinks she’s the perfect host to do that considering they rose up in the NXT ranks together. Quotes from the piece are below:

“I have a plan for tonight’s A Moment of Bliss, and that plan is to expose Becky Lynch’s past,” said Bliss. “Tonight is the Raw Reunion, and that is all about the moments that have helped make WWE. It’s great to have all the legends coming back to Raw, but it’s also the perfect time to create this moment with Becky.”

“I’ve known Becky for a very long time, and I remember her first day in NXT,” said Bliss. “One of my first rivalries in WWE after I debuted on SmackDown was against Becky. She is the perfect person to interview, and expose, on A Moment of Bliss.”

“Ever since Becky has taken on this persona of ‘The Man,’ she’s become way too cocky,” said Bliss. “If there is anyone who can humble her, it’s me.”

Bliss also goes on to talk about her partnership with Nikki Cross and how stars like Lynch have gone on wrongfully attack the true nature of the two’s friendship. Bliss also states that they’re trying to come up with the perfect tag name.

“A lot of people on social media have tried to create a tag team name for the two of us, and the one Nikki likes is something like Blissful Cross,” said Bliss. “I’d prefer we have a name that is more caffeine-related. Nikki is always so hyper and I love coffee, so that might make more sense for us. Given the opportunity, we’d like to be in the women’s tag division. Right now, I’m focused on my friendship with Nikki. I’m getting tired of people telling Nikki that I’m using her, especially Becky Lynch.”