Kiera Hogan On Having Creative Freedom And New Firsts In Wrestling, Ladies’ Night Out

Kiera Hogan is making a name for herself with IMPACT Wrestling, but she’s also part of the Ladies Night Out lineup making a name for themselves in the Houston area.

Hogan recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Bill Pritchard and spoke about what sets LNO apart, and she noted the diversity in the wrestlers and matchups on each show. Hogan noted she’s been involved in some noteworthy ‘firsts’ with the promotion, and also takes pride in the amount of creative freedom they get for each event.

“I think there’s a lot of diversity. I like working with shows that have diverse characters and it’s not the same actions with the same people. Everything is different. There’s different matchups. There’s a lot of first-time matchups at Ladies Night Out that have happened. There’s a lot of story matches, like, for example, me and Ivelisse had a Steel Cage match in Texas and became the first-ever women’s Steel Cage match in history. But it’s diversity and also it not being generic and it not being the same shows and the same matches. I just really like the diversity of Ladies Night Out.”

Hogan added:

“I think we get more creative freedom as far as matches, because like I said, there’s a lot of first-time matches. So we get creative freedom to do what we want as far as stipulations. We just get creative freedom and the girls have lots of ideas that we don’t really get to do anywhere else because most of the time we’re on shows with guys. So to have an all-women’s show with No DQ matches, Steel Cage matches, 2-out-of-three-falls matches—it’s cool to have an all-women’s show like that. I think it just adds to the women empowerment that we’re able to put on a show with just women and do just as well, if not better, than the boys.”

When asked who she’d like to work with, Hogan named AQA as someone who has a lot of potential. AQA was also praised by Booker T as someone to watch out for, and Hogan says it’d be a great challenge to face someone who could match her—or best her—athleticism.

“I would love to work [Reality Of Wrestling / independent wrestler] AQA. She is so athletic and she has so much potential. I see her just make waves everywhere she goes. I would love to work with her. I think she—like I said be creative with Ladies Night Out, to be able to work with somebody who is athletic. And for me, because I come from an athletic background—I played soccer, gymnastics and all these things—it’s awesome being in matches with people who can match you athleticism or even be better. Because, honestly she has done things that I could never even imagine doing. So, I would really love to work her. I think that’s something I would definitely look forward to.”

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