Dolph Ziggler Talks His Genuine Jealousy Of Kofi Kingston, How Stand-Up Helps Him As A Wrestler

Dolph Ziggler caught up with Fort Myers News-Press to discuss his upcoming rematch against WWE Champion Kofi Kingston at an upcoming house show. Ziggler also discussed why his jealousy of Kingston isn’t just an act and his stand-up comedy career.

Check out highlights below:

Why he wants to beat Kofi Kingston:

I’m genuinely, as a person and a performer, jealous of Kofi and his success. So I would like to beat him — and I would like to beat him in front of a big crowd.

What I do (at wrestling matches) is usually steal the show and walk out with someone’s girlfriend afterward, too. But what I focus on now is winning that title from Kofi, because it means more to me beating him to prove how good I am.

How his comedy career helps him as a wrestler:

With WWE’s schedule, 250 days a year, I was traveling and on the road and really unable to dedicate some time. Now we’ve cut back our schedules a little bit to where I know where I’ll be most every week, so I can find a way.

Instead of having two days off and going home and getting refreshed, I find ways to book (comedy) shows and get on them, and I’ll stay on the road and keep traveling and then go right back to WWE shows.

I love living on the road, but getting those reps in with comedy will just make me better and make me a better superstar.

Why he does stand-up:

It’s very similar to WWE, the lifestyle and everything. You’re on a stage. People are watching you. People are waiting to be entertained.

You can ask every ex-girlfriend: I always have to be on. So that’s been a problem for them, but it’s pretty great when it comes to wanting to be an entertainer.