Dustin Rhodes On AEW Staying On Course, Cody’s Work Ethic, Sonny Kiss’ AEW Debut

Dustin Rhodes spoke to the media following his tag team match at Fight For The Fallen, and he said AEW gave him a new passion, and it’s been impressive to see his brother running a company. He compared it to seeing how their father ran WCW, and say All Elite Wrestling can keep the momentum with a strong first episode of TV and keep going from there.

“This is my second show, so we’re learning on the go, you know what I’m saying? And to see Cody, the way he runs things in the back is very impressive. It reminds me of my dad, the way he used to do with WCW, the way he handled stuff, the way he had his hands in everything and was working his butt off today, the whole day, man. And last night they were up til three o’clock talking and it’s just like he never sleeps, and I worry about him because he needs to sleep. But right now man, he’s got, he’s at the helm and he’s trying to give the fans this revolution and this change in the business that is way overdue and is time.

And so we have to go all out a hundred miles an hour and make this thing happen. And I think when TV gets here it’s going to be impressive. So long as we put on a good first TV, they’re going to come back, and a good second one and a good third one and we just keep going. We’re more rested cause we work once a week, which is great; you don’t do that up there. I mean it’s crazy, the scheduling that I’ve been on for the last 30 years, it’s unbelievable. So this is an exciting time because you have time for your body to recoup and go onto the next thing, whatever the storyline may be. It’s exciting and it’s going to be good.”

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Additionally, Dustin spoke about Sony Kiss and praised his AEW debut, noting he gave Sonny a pep talk and thinks he can be a mentor to the rising star. Dustin cited his own work as Goldust and thinks once Kiss finds himself as a character he’ll be a huge star.

“I like Sonny, and I think I can show him a lot of stuff because of the stuff I used to do. And I went up to him and he came in our room and he was just nervous, you know? I put my arm around him and said, ‘Sonny, just relax. You’re nervous and when you’re nervous, that means you care. When you stop being nervous, it’s like he will not care anymore. You are nervous. So you’re going to go out there and you’re going to do fine.’ You just got to pep talk them a little bit up and get him calmed down and start going through things slowly.

He’ll get it in time, just as we all do. It takes time to build a character and it doesn’t happen overnight. And he’ll find his thing, his way and he’ll skyrocket because I see some good things with him.”

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