Chris Jericho on Going Into Thumbtacks For The First Time: ‘How Bad Could It Be, Right?’

In a live edition of Talk is Jericho broadcast on Inside The Ropes, Chris Jericho talked about his feud with the former Dean Ambrose in WWE.

He talks about taking a thumbtack bump for the first time. Originally, Ambrose was going to take the bump, which finished their match at Extreme Rules. Ambrose fought for weeks to get Vince to approve thumbtacks for the first Ambrose Asylum match. Then, Vince approved the bump but changed his mind on the finish, which forced Jericho to take a tack bump for the first time in his career.

It’s kind of cool, something I’ve never done before, I could be hardcore. How bad could it be, right? So I called Bubba Dudley, I go “You ever take a tack bump?” he said yeah. I go “What’s it like”, he goes “Fucking terrible.” I call Tommy Dreamer, I go “You ever take a tack bump?” “Yeah” “What’s it like?” “Fucking terrible,” I call Mick Foley. “You ever take a tack bump?” “Yeah” “What’s it like?” “I fucking love it!”

You can see the story in its entirety in the video embedded below, including highlights about Mitch the Potted Plant and the fate of his light-up jacket:

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