Kevin Owens Lands Another Stunner On Shane McMahon, Outwrestles Dolph Ziggler

Despite being barred from the arena, Kevin Owens was in SmackDown’s main event opposite Dolph Ziggler. This was after the “Showoff” convinced Shane McMahon to let him teach Owens a lesson inside the ring.

This time around, Ziggler had a much better showing than compared to Extreme Rules. He avoided an early stunner attempt and then hit a famouser on Owens in order to get momentum on his side. He then tried to claw at the eyes of “KO,” and began punishing his neck.

Owens would work out of the hold and then hit a superkick and senton for a near pinfall. That’s when Shane McMahon, Drew McIntyre, and nearly every heel on the SmackDown side came out. Ziggler used the distraction to hit a ZigZag but was unable to put his opponent away.

The end finally came when Ziggler went for a superkick and Owens ducked it and delivered a stunner. However, McMahon pulled him out of the ring so he couldn’t get the victory. “KO” was able to stunner McMahon one more time before running out of the arena.