WWE NXT Live Results (7/17/19)

Backstage, Tyler Breeze says he realizes that he has to adapt and since everyone else has people backing them up, maybe he should too. The Forgotten Sons interrupt and make fun of Breeze.

Kushida vs. Apollo Crews

After a takedown, Kushida rides Crews’ back. Kushida almost takes Crews’ head off. Crews retreats to the ropes.  Crews and Kushida trade flips until Crews floors Kushida with a beautiful dropkick. Handspring double heel strike sends Crews careening off the apron. Crews surprises Kushida with a popup gut buster. Crews delay vertical suplexes Kushida. Crews puts Kushida in a rear chin lock. Corner splash by Crews. Kushida stumbles out of the corner. Crews tosses Kushida clear across the ring with a belly-to-belly suplex. Crews tries a leapfrog but Kushida kicks Crews in the arm. Handspring back elbow by Kushida. Hip toss into a basement dropkick by Kushida. Slingshot tornado DDT by Kushida. Crews kicks out.

Kushida works over Crews arm. Crews obliterates Kushida with a bicycle kick. Crews lands two deadlift German suplexs. Crews gets another near fall after a shooting star press. Crews tries a military press but his arm give out. Kushida sends Crews face first into the turnbuckle. Springboard ranna by Kushida. Crews reverse it into a sunset flip. Kushida kicks out. Overhead kick by Kushida. Crews responds with a leaping enziguri.  Both men are down. Kushida hits another double heel strike as Crews it on the top rope. Kushida locks Crews in a rolling armbar off the top. Kushida transitions into the Hoverboard Lock. Crews taps out.

Winner- Kushida

Backstage, Keith Leee says he is tired of getting passed over for the new guys. Everyone is talking about Damian Priest. Lee says he is going to be the one to change the narrative. Lee is going to show people they should be talking about him instead of Preist.

In-Ring Segment: Adam Cole

Cole says he has shown everyone what a true champion looks like. There is an undisputed power switch happening right now in NXT. Cole is a fighting champion and is going to put his title on the line tonight. Against one of Johnny Gargano’s students. Twan Tucker walks out on the ramp. Cole says it is nice to see Tucker again. Cole is going to give Tucker a fair chance. Tucker asks Cole if he really came alone. Cole says yes. Tucker says that’s too bad. Tucker didn’t come alone. Johnny Gargano runs down the ramp and attacks Cole. Cole tries to escape through the crowd. Gargano beats Cole from one side of the arena to the other. Gargano puts Cole in the Gargano Escape. Cole taps but Gargano will not let the hold go. Referees eventually pull Gargano off Cole.



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