Booker T On Taking Pride In His Students’ Success, Sherri Martel, The Goal Of ‘Ladies Night Out’

Booker T recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam and spoke about finding something rewarding in seeing his students having a breakout moment. He cited Ember Moon and The Usos as former students who have been excelling in WWE, and said he also appreciates the talent that pays respect to guys like him along the way.

“When Ember Moon finally got that shot I was so proud to finally see her make that step. When The Usos came to me and got those finishing touches and got to sign I was so proud, I’m watching Street Profits right now and every time I see that crown, those guys are representing Booker T and Harlem Heat and what we did. It’s amazing to watch the talent that has come out my school, but also that have been influenced by what I’ve done in the business as well is awesome. A lot of the young guys these days, they don’t respect the guys that came before them but the ones that do, I really do appreciate them because they let us know that we did something and paved the way for them.”

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Booker also talked about Reality Of Wrestling working to put on the all-female ‘Ladies Night Out‘ events that are promoted with Title Match Wrestling. He noted his strong relationship with the late Sherri Martel, and said these shows get to put a bigger spotlight on ladies’ wrestling and creating a new brand.

“I just want to give the ladies their props and I guess it might be because of my connection to Sherri Martel. We should have called it the Sherri Martel Classic just to give her props, and we might do that later on. Ladies Night Out is something that we just started working on and it’s starting to get bigger and bigger and bigger and we’re getting ladies from all over the world to come be a part of what we’re doing here with Reality Of Wrestling. It’s putting the spotlight on them and making them look the best that we possibly can.

I look at someone like Su Yung, and Su Yung has so much talent, but coaching her and point her in the right direction and really putting a shine on her, that’s what we really specialize in with the Ladies Night Out shows. It’s making the fans see these ladies as something special and they want to come back and see them over and over and over again. It may be like someone will call them and be like ‘we’ve got a job for you’ so that’s really what the Ladies Night Out was all about.”

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Ladies Night Out has a number of events coming up this summer and fall, including a new series coming to The following events have been announced so far:

LNO7 – Aug 17

Streaming live on

Title Match Network returns to Booker T World Gym Arena for LNO7!

Already booked: Ivelisse, Diamante, Hyan, Faye Jackson

Tickets go on sale next week at

*LNO Carolina – Aug 31

Title Match Network is holding their 1st ever LNO show on the east coast!

On Aug 31, LNO joins forces with AML Wrestling in Winston-Salem, NC.

Kiera Hogan is the 1st name booked for this event.

Many more updates coming soon to

*LNO8 is scheduled for Nov 16 in TX City

*LNO Underground: The Series

Brand new LNO spin-off show coming soon to

This is a grittier, more in-depth look at the ladies behind LNO.

Starring Thunder Rosa, Alex Gracia, Hyan & many more.

*Queens of the Ring – July 27

Ford Park – Beaumont, TX

Streaming live on

Title Match Network is joining forces with Hurricane Pro for their 1st ever all-women’s show, Queens of the Ring!

Already booked: Mercedes Martinez vs Thunder Rosa, Joey Ryan, Heather Monroe, Amber Nova, Miranda, Raychell Rose & many more.