Paul Heyman Teases Another Cash-In By Brock Lesnar At WWE Extreme Rules, Roman Reigns Recaps His Big Week

Paul Heyman Teases Another Cash-In

Paul Heyman gave everyone a head’s up and said everyone should be on notice, because Brock Lesnar… might cash in his Money In The Bank contract tonight.

Heyman came out during the show and cut a promo about Extreme Rules and Philadelphia, then said he’s giving a spoiler alert because Brock Lesnar is leaving Philadelphia as WWE Champion, OR Universal Champion. Heyman then threw a curveball and cast doubt on the truth of his statement, asking “is he telling the truth, or is he Paul Heyman?”

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Roman Reigns Recaps His Big Week

The following video features Roman Reigns recapping his big week, including his red carpet premiere for Hobbs & Shaw and his Extreme Rules win after teaming with The Undertaker.

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