New SmackDown Tag Team Champions Crowned At WWE Extreme Rules

Three of SmackDown’s top tag teams faced off at WWE Extreme Rules when SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan defended their titles against the New Day and Heavy Machinery. The New Day ultimately emerged victorious.

Woods and Bryan started the match and matched each other step for step. Woods rocked Bryan with an elbow and Tucker tagged in. Rowan entered the match and clotheslined Woods. Bryan and Rowan ganged up on Woods and Rowan hit him with a backbreaker. Bryan sent Big E into the steel steps but Otis floored the champion with some clotheslines and a slam. Otis tossed Bryan across the ring and hit the Caterpillar. Tucker nearly pinned Bryan after a double-team move.  Heavy Machinery hit a suplex-crossbody combination on Big E but Rowan broke up the pin. Rowan cleared house and flattened Woods outside the ring. Bryan hit a diving knee off the apron but Big E speared him off the apron.

Otis dove onto all his opponents outside the ring and Tucker took out Big E and Rowan. Heavy Machinery hit the Compactor on Big E but Woods broke up the pin. Otis hit a pop-up powerslam on Woods and crushed Rowan with Tucker. Big E hit a superplex on Rowan but Bryan nailed him with a diving headbutt. Bryan put him in the LeBell Lock and cranked it but Big E willed himself to the ropes. Bryan kicked Big E in the chest but the big man stood up and demolished Bryan with a clothesline. The New Day hit Bryan with the Up Up Down Down for the win.

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