Roman Reigns And Undertaker Beat Shane McMahon And Drew McIntyre Despite Elias’ Interference

At WWE Extreme Rules, Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre faced the team of Roman Reigns and the Undertaker in a no holds barred match. Reigns has been warring with McMahon and McIntyre for several months and now the Dead Man has returned to even the odds.  The Undertaker and Reigns won despite Elias’ interference.

McIntyre and Reigns started the match but McMahon and his partner quickly ganged up on the Big Dog. Reigns turned the tables and tagged in the Phenom. McMahon punched the Undertaker repeatedly but the Dead Man returned the favor. The Undertaker hit McMahon with Old School before McIntyre tagged in. He exchanged strikes with the Phenom, who hit his classic legdrop on the apron. Reigns floored the Scottish Psychopath with a boot to the head and rocked McMahon with a stiff punch. McIntyre sent McMahon into the steel steps. A throw sent Reigns across the ring. The Undertaker cleared house after he got tagged in and planted McMahon with a big boot.

The Undertaker tried to powerbomb McMahon through the announce table but Elias ran to the ring andf smashed a guitar over the Deadman’s back. Elias distracted the Undertaker, which allowed McIntyre to floor the Phenom with a Claymore Kick. McIntyre and Elias placed Undertaker on the announce table and McMahon hit a diving elbow drop through the announce table. Elias and McIntyre held the Undertaker in place with a garbage can in front of his face while McMahon hit Coast to Coast. Reigns hit Elias with a Superman Punch but McIntyre stopped him with a Russian legsweep on the floor. The Undertaker sat up and chokeslammed McMahon. Reigns hit McIntyre with a Spear and Undertaker planted McMahon with a Tombstone Piledriver for the win.

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