Cody Rhodes On His Future With Brother Dustin, Fight for the Fallen’s Venue, The Young Bucks

WrestleZone’s own Dominic DeAngelo spoke to Cody Rhodes last night in the aftermath of his main event match at AEW Fight for the Fallen. Cody teamed up with his brother Dustin Rhodes to take on The Young Bucks in what proved to be a losing effort, and is seemingly set for a big time match-up with Shawn Spears in the not so distant future.

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On training with Dustin before Fight for the Fallen:

“We didn’t train at all. We don’t need to train. We’re brothers, man.”

On the venue:

“Guys were fighting the atmosphere as well as their opponents. I was stoked. As soon as I came back I said dude, I’d love to run Daily’s Place again, it’s the coolest amphitheater ever – let’s do it in December, though. We’ll all be in like long sleeves and stuff. It was fun.”

On the match against The Young Bucks:

“Dustin and I, it’s symbiotic. It’s fun. It was fun to be able to match their [Young Bucks] West Coast offense with some old school Minnesota Wrecking Crew, pick a body part, attack it. I was really pleased.”

On their future as a tag team:

“Obviously his performance was outstanding. I don’t know if we’ll ever tag together again, I’m not saying we won’t, but if we didn’t, I’m damn happy with this one.”