The Young Bucks Take Down Cody And Dustin Rhodes

The Young Bucks proved to the AEW universe that they might just be the best tag team around, as they took down the team of Cody and Dustin Rhodes tonight at Fight for the Fallen. In a match that went on for some time due to neither side willing to give up, it was the Young Bucks who finally walked away as winners, although they did take some time after the match to praise the Rhodes’ as being one of the best duos they’ve ever seen.

For a detailed breakdown of the match, check out below, and make sure to head over to our coverage of Fight for the Fallen if you happened to have missed any of it:

Cody and Nick Jason start the match. Nick slaps Cody but misses a moonsault to he outside. Both teams square off before the illegal participants return to their corners. Cody hits Matt with an uppercut and the Brotherhood clotheslines him out of the ring. Matt takes out both his opponents with a diving crossbody. Nick drops Dustin with an assisted dropkick and both Jacksons dive onto a member of the Brotherhood. The Young Bucks gang up on Dustin and Nick hits a springboard facebuster before diving onto Cody.

The Jacksons drop Dustin with a double suplex. Nick spits at Cody and the Young Bucks continue to gang up on Dustin. Nick stops Cody from tagging in and Matt takes Dustin down with a clothesline. Dustin takes the Bucks down with a diving crossbody. Cody tags in and clears house. He nails a diving moonsault onto Matt and dives onto him outside the ring. Cody whips Matt with his belt and hits a reverse superplex for a near fall. Dustin tags in, the Brotherhood gangs up on Matt and Cody spits at Nick. Matt gets sent shoulder-first into the ring post for the second time.

Matt reverses a bulldog and dumps Cody over the ropes and onto the ramp. A spear drops Cody and Matt gains some breathing room. Nick tags in and floors Cody with a kick to the head. He hits a rolling backstabber and the Bucks lock the Brotherhood into Sharpshooters. The Rhodes lock the Bucks into Figure-4 leglocks. Dustin rocks both Bucks with powerslams and both Rhodes dive onto the Bucks. A superkick turns Dustin’s lights out but Cody hits Disaster Kicks on both Bucks. An assisted Cross Rhodes nearly gets Cody the win but Matt breaks up the pin. All four men exchange strikes and Cody knocks down the ref. The Rhodes slam both Bucks and kick them below the belt. The Bucks superkick Cody in mid-air. Dustin almost fights off the Bucks but he eats a superkick.

Cody gives Nick a superkick but he gets one from Matt. The Bucks superkick Cody in the back of the head but Dustin breaks up the pin. The Rhodes superkick the Bucks but the Bucks return the favor. Matt nearly pins Cody with a Cross Rhodes. The Bucks pin Cody with a Meltzer Driver.

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