Chris Jericho Bloodies Up Adam Page, Gives Him The Judas Effect

After Adam Page defeated Kip Sabian at Fight for the Fallen, he was interrupted by a masked intruder into the ring. With Page being tired from the match, the masked wrestler quickly delivered a beating to Page, before unmasking himself to reveal that he was Chris Jericho.

While it had been speculated that Jericho would show up to discuss something, no one thought he would show up to attack Page. After unmasking himself, Jericho threw some referees out of the way and then delivered a viscous Judas Effect to the superstar, leaving him bloodied in the ring. Later on in the event, Jericho came back out to talk with the crowd.

In the talk, he credited himself with the success of the AEW, and saying that instead of thanks from the crowd, he’ll instead get his satisfaction from beating everyone in AEW, starting with Page. After saying that he would become AEW Champion at All Out, Page stormed the ring to attack Jericho, and the two were quickly separated by members of the locker room.

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