Matt Riddle Bests Drew Gulak In Catch Point Reunion At EVOLVE 10th Anniversary

Matt Riddle made his mark known tonight during EVOLVE’s 10th Anniversary show, where he defeated Drew Gulak in an impressive match. After the match, Gulak praised Riddle’s competitiveness, and shook hands with the superstar.

For a full breakdown of the match, check out below, and make sure to follow along with our coverage of the event:

Riddle goes for an armtrap but Gulak blocks, then they try to gain the upper hand on each other with a lot of strike and tie up attempts. Gulak applies a chinlock, then Riddle goes for a knee strike but Gulak blocks and hits a powerbomb for two. Gulak goes right to a kneebar but Riddle makes it to the ropes, then they trade some more strikes before Riddle connects with a knee strike for two. Riddle heads up top but Gulak runs up and superplexes him for two, then Gulak goes for a facelock but Riddle transitions out and kicks him in the back a few times and connects with a Penalty Kick. Gulak throws a few headbutts and goes for a full nelson, but Riddle gets a Bromission locked in and Gulak makes it to the ropes. Gulak tries to steal it with a small package before Riddle hits a Fisherman’s buster for two, then Riddle heads up top and hits a twisting moonsault. Gulak rolls through into a Gu-Lock submission, but Riddle counters with Bro Derek (cradle Tombstone piledriver) for the win.

Winner – Matt Riddle

Gulak asks for a mic and talks about Catch Point being about respect, and he calls Riddle a hell of a competitor. He says it’s always an honor to share the ring with him, then they shake hands and do the Catch Point pose. Gulak sees Curt Stallion, Riddle’s opponent tomorrow night, and says he hopes Stallion is up for the task at hand.

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