Dustin Rhodes On Team Chemistry Being Imperative, What AEW Can Learn From WWE

Dustin Rhodes spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated ahead of tonight’s AEW Fight For The Fallen event. Dustin has talked about the chemistry he has with his brother Cody in the build up to tonight’s match, and said it’s imperative to making things works out. The Rhodes brothers will team for the first time in more than four years against The Young Bucks, and Dustin says the Jacksons might be quicker, but he’s prepared to pull off a win in Jacksonville.

“It’s imperative. Who else do I know better than my brother? Cody and myself are both singles wrestlers. I’ve had some great runs in tag teams with colleagues, but none better than with Cody against The Shield.

Putting us together—a hungry kid in Cody and a character like Goldust—and giving The Shield their first loss, it made the building explode and it set us off on a rocket ship. So we can do this, we can beat the Young Bucks. I’ve watched and I’ve scouted a lot of their videos, and they’re impressive.

I’m expecting to be superkicked to death by the Young Bucks. Cody says it a lot, and he’s right that the Young Bucks might be the best tag team on the planet. The stuff they do in the ring is incredible. It might be a little fast-paced for me, but I’m training for it and I’m going to do my very best to be ready.”

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Dustin was also asked what All Elite Wrestling can specifically learn from WWE, and he said there’s a wealth of talent in the AEW locker room including himself, and they can help guide the younger talent and get them TV ready.

“Cody’s been there and learned a lot over 10 years. Plus, the fact you have Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho and myself, we can show the young kids how it is to be on TV and how to do this on a television basis. That’s a lot different than live events. There are cameras, it’s live, there are commercial breaks, and you’ve got to learn the process. But they’ll learn quickly.

I’m very excited to see them team up with Tony Khan. The less hands in the kitchen, the better it’s going to be. If you keep this circle small, it’s going to be great. I have nothing but positive thoughts for AEW and their future.”