Jeff Hardy Arrested For Public Intoxication

Update: WWE has issued the following statement in relation to Hardy’s arrest:

 “Jeff Hardy is responsible for his own personal actions.” is also reporting Hardy’s fine was $153, which is the amount paid for first time offenders in Myrtle Beach. It was noted that he won’t be required to appear in court if he doesn’t want to contest the charge, and will not impact his ability to appear in the state of South Carolina. Additionally, the situation was compared to being similar to a parking ticket, and since he has already paid the fine, this will likely be the end of the situation unless he disputes the charge.

Jeff Hardy has been arrested in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for allegedly being drunk in public.

According to TMZ, Hardy was arrested and booked early this morning for public intoxication and impairment in Myrtle Beach, but it’s still unclear what led to him being arrested in the first place. TMZ states Hardy was released at some point today on a bond under $200.

Hardy has been sidelined with a knee injury and had surgery on it in May, and said he was looking at a recovery time of 6-9 months. Hardy was also arrested in North Carolina last year for DWI after being involved in a car crash, and he allegedly blew a 0.25 BAC. You can see Hardy’s mugshot below:

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