ECW Supercards Will Come To WWE Network This Week

As reported first by WWE Network News and then by, WWE Network will begin to add ECW supercards to their classic content lineup this week. For those unfamiliar with Paul Heyman’s extreme promotion, ECW did not start promoting traditional PPVs until 1997. Before then, stretching back into the Eastern Championship Wrestling days in 1993, ECW would host supercards. These events weren’t televised, although Hardcore TV would have plenty of clips and sometimes full matches from the events. ECW would release these events on VHS, and they would also occasionally appear on the tape trading scene as “fan cam” recordings without commentary.

It’s unclear which of these events will be added to the Network this week, but we do know that a dozen of the available events will appear in this drop. As with all ECW content on the Network, you can expect slight editing to remove the real music from entrances.

Notable events that fall under this supercard category are The Night The Line Was Crossed (which includes Shane Douglas throwing down the NWA Championship and bringing ECW to life), WrestlePalooza ’97 (which includes Jerry Lawler’s ECW invasion angle), and Double Tables (which includes the first-ever Tables match in professional wrestling.) We’ll just have to see in a few days which shows make the cut.

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