Lex Luger Recounts Bruiser Brody Cage Match, Being ‘Scared’ In The Ring

Lex Luger recently sat down with The Hannibal TV to discuss his career, and one of the topics that popped up was his infamous match with Bruiser Brody. Luger went into a bit of detail about the match, how it’s quickly blossomed into one that wrestling fans still talk about to this day, and more.

When asked about the match, Luger recounts he still gets asked about it to this day, and how the match was initially a surprise to him thanks to the long day they had already had. “It was a long day, and they had me in my first cage I think, ever. Here I am with Bruiser Brody in a cage match, and I was young,” he said, before discussing how he hadn’t too much interaction with Brody prior, besides one match in the past. “He was a big, I mean, intimidating looking guy, scary looking guy. And, everyone told me about his reputation, but we worked fine together for the couple of nights just prior to that, which is such a mystery, we got in the cage match and I didn’t know what I was doing, and he just stopped working.”

Luger went on to describe the match, in which Brody infamously didn’t react to any punches or attacks that Luger tried to move. According to Luger, not only did he not know what was going on, but neither did the referee. “Fortunately, I had a very experienced referee – we called him Fonzie – in the ring. And Fonzie looked at me, and I looked at him, and I didn’t know what was going on with him. I got scared, cause I’m thinking this guy’s not selling, and I heard all these stories about him, and he’s got tape on his fingers, and I think maybe those are razor blades they put under those things, and we’re in a cage match and I don’t know what I’m doing, and he’s not working.” Eventually, Luger said that the referee came up with a solid idea to end the match, involving Luger throwing him and getting disqualified.

After the match, however, Luger quickly ran out of the ring, but did head over to Brody’s locker room to try and apologize out of respect, although according to Luger, Brody was very professional throughout their encounter. “I just said ‘Excuse me sir, I don’t know what I did wrong in there, and I’m sorry,’ and [Brody] was taking his stuff off, and he just said ‘Man, don’t worry about, it’s been a long day,’ he goes ‘I’m a babyface on TV right now down with the Von Erichs, you’re on TV already as a heel, to go down in NWA,’ cause I had done some TV already and was already getting ready to leave Florida. He goes ‘It just wasn’t working in there, don’t worry about it.’ So you could say I was greatly relieved about it.”