Adam Cole Talks Returning To His EVOLVE Roots, What NXT Wrestler Is Underrated

NXT Champion Adam Cole recently spoke with SiriusXM’s Busted Open radio to discuss his upcoming match at EVOLVE 131 with Akira Tozawa, and how his career has been almost leading up to a moment like this.

Check out some highlights below:

On what it will be like being back under the EVOLVE banner:

I think one of the coolest things about things about this job is there’s so many moments where things come full circle, and this is definitely one of those moments for me. I was involved in the very first Evolve show, when Gabe Sapolsky was just trying to get Evolve Wrestling off the ground. To see where it started to where it’s ended up, and now again, this 10 year anniversary event going live on the WWE Network, it’s really cool.

Who he thinks is the most underrated wrestler on the NXT roster:

I think [Kyle O’Reilly] has done a great job of shining himself. Do I think he’s maybe the most underrated guy in NXT? Yeah, I do. I think Kyle, in the ring, is one of if not the best guy that we have. He’s just incredible, he can do so many things, he can wrestle so many different types of guys, and just have compelling, exciting, or like you hear ‘bring the best out of his opponent’ matches. He’s incredibly funny, and he’s incredibly entertaining, and I think over time, people are noticing more and more the skill level and variety that Kyle O’Reilly has. I really think this year and beyond, he’s going to have a chance to really showcase what he’s capable of, show the world how good he is. But I’m the biggest Kyle O’Reilly fan there is, the guy is incredible.