Kiera Hogan On Her IMPACT Character Having More Depth, Working With WOW As ‘Fire’

Kiera Hogan recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Bill Pritchard about her new direction with IMPACT Wrestling, including having a bigger role on TV and her character having more depth.

Hogan says she originally came onto the the show almost in a supporting role as a babyface, but now she’s getting to really break out. Hogan also noted that her role as ‘Fire’ on the AXS WOW (Women Of Wrestling) series gives her another way to explore her character and she’s becoming more comfortable with who she is on screen, and now we’re starting to see the same thing on IMPACT TV.

“So, I feel like first coming into IMPACT I was this very generic babyface. I was this girl that was really excited to be in IMPACT. That was just the surface of who I was. There was no depth to it early on in IMPACT. Even leading up to my attitude change, it was really kind of the surface of who I was. With WOW, the first season I worked with WOW, they were able to get so much deeper into who I was as a person, as a character, a human being, to where I feel like people were able to connect more to me as ‘Fire’. There was more of me [on that show] than they were showing Kiera Hogan on IMPACT.

Now, because of the attitude change, I feel like I’m able to put just a little bit more of me into it. So I’m able to be more myself. I feel, honestly, more comfortable with the attitude change because I can be myself. And going into season two of WOW, we get deeper into me and why I am fire and why that’s such a huge standpoint in my wrestling career. And that’s pretty much who I am. I am fire. So, I feel like it’s not technically—it’s not hard to balance between both characters because they’re both still parts of me. But I definitely feel comfortable where I am more with both characters than I did.”

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