WWE Lists Ten Minute Title Reigns, NXT Stars Heading to NXT UK Tour

WWE Lists Ten Minute Title Reigns

On the latest edition of WWE List This!, WWE has pulled out several extremely short reigns with World Titles. This includes Dolph Ziggler’s aborted first run with the gold, Cena’s instant loss to Batista after an Elimination Chamber match and Yokozuna losing his belt to Hulk Hogan in the infamous main event of WrestleMania IX.

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NXT Stars Heading to NXT UK Tour

NXT’s overseas extension is about to get a few visitors from the mainland. In a tweet sent out advertising the upcoming UK tour, WWE lists Shayna Baszler, The Street Profits, and Matt Riddle as appearing talents. While the NXT wrestlers will probably not be appearing on NXT UK TV, it should be a treat for UK fans to see the two rosters intermingling on these house shows.