Bayley On Her NXT Feud With Sasha Banks: ‘It Felt Real And Intense’

Speaking in a clip from FS1’s Fair Game posted to Twitter. Bayley recalls her favorite storylines from her WWE career. Perhaps unsurprisingly, they both come from her NXT days.

“I think my stuff with Sasha in NXT was really fun,” revealed Bayley. “That led into me winning the NXT Women’s Championship. It felt real and intense, which it was. It was both of us trying to climb that mountain together.”

Bayley also goes into her matches and segments with Eva Marie. Bayley states that she loved those interactions because she couldn’t react to her in the traditional way. “I remember there was one time in the ring where we were trying to talk to each other. I could not hear a word she was saying because every time she put the mic to her mouth, the fans would start booing so loud.” Her matches with Eva were also fun because she was so easy to hate, which made things “fun and easy.”

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