Jim Ross Recalls Getting Pulled Over By Police With Vince McMahon Behind The Wheel

In a clip from an interview with Jim Ross conducted by Inside The Ropes, the announcer recalls a particularly memorable night. While driving in the passenger seat of Vince McMahon’s car, he noted that Vince was anything but a safe driver.

“They had this construction on the interstate, the highway, the main road, right?” said Ross. “They put these great big orange and white barrels, like construction barrels to give you caution. They had them over the center stripe because they had been painting the stripes and they didn’t want you to run over the stripes.”

While those who put out those barrels may have wanted drivers to avoid them, Vince had other plans. “We’re going through these damn barrels like we’re driving figure eights. At 80 in a Lincoln.” JR described the barrels as flying to the side of the road, which obviously attracted attention. “So finally, invariably, here come the lights.”

Vince had a plan even though he was being pulled over. “He said, get your hat on, oh okay. We roll the window down [In Vince’s voice] ‘Hello officer, I’m Vince McMahon. WWE, we’re just in Columbus doing our national television show Monday Night RAW and RAW is War. This is Good Ol’ JR.’ The cops looking at me like ‘is this son of a bitch for real?'”

JR continues the story, saying that Vince insisted several times on the cop let him go because of his fame. Of course, the cop had a perfect response. “So the guy finally says, ‘Well, I kind of see what’s happening here. I guess that makes me the Big Bossman.'”

You can see the full interview clip in the video embedded below:

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