Dalton Castle On How His Radio Career Prepared Him For Pro Wrestling

Dalton Castle recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam, and the Ring Of Honor star shed some light on his past his past a bit to talk about his former career in the broadcasting world.

Before he was a world champion in Ring Of Honor, Castle spent time working in radio, including a stint with Q105.7 in Albany. “Yeah, I spent some time working on an alter rock station for a few years. Then four-five years on an active rock station in Albany, New York. I loved radio.” Castle said. “I was simultaneously starting my wrestling career at the same time I was doing my radio career. One day radio said goodbye and wrestling said we’ll take ya and make ya into a bigger star and life has been better ever since. I loved radio, I loved doing interviews, I got to go to a lot of festivals and concerts.”

“I spent a lot of time talking into a microphone, which is something I equally love as much as I do wrestling. Maybe, that’s a lie because I think I love wrestling more,” Castle said, “but it was great—except for the shortage of chairs. When you work in the industry, you know in any studio you know there’s never enough of appropriate chairs. So that’s tough to come by. You gotta go down to the dumb contemporary station and borrow their chair for 20 minutes.”

Castle says he loved his job and it gave him ample time on the mic, which he says helped him a lot while he was breaking into the professional wrestling world.

“I would say addressing a crowd, talking into the microphone is probably the best thing that radio had prepared me for in the world of wrestling. With a broadcast degree, I know the appropriate length to hold a microphone from your mouth. I know how to not pop my p’s. I am certainly not popping p’s. What am I? Some sort of two years in the business rookie wrestling on the indies popping my p’s into a microphone? Pacing around and pulling on the XLR cable? No, I’m a damn pro.”

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