Kiera Hogan On Her New Attitude, New Role On IMPACT TV, How Jordynne Grace Has Stepped Up To The Plate

Kiera Hogan recently spoke with Wrestlezone’s Bill Pritchard about her new direction with IMPACT Wrestling. Hogan says her new attitude is part of her next chapter, and she’s looking to set herself apart from the rest of the Knockouts division.

Hogan added that her first few years with IMPACT saw her playing a supporting role, but she’s ready to take the next step in her singles career. She says the ‘Dark Allie’ story ending had a ripple effect on several characters, but she’s using the opportunity to cement her place on the women’s roster.

So, for those of you who don’t know who is ‘The Hottest Flame’—that’s where it came from and I feel like my whole gimmick has been ‘The Girl On Fire’. I just feel like ‘The Hottest Flame’ took it to the next level. It’s my new attitude, it’s my next chapter, it’s my personal evolution of ‘The Girl On Fire.’ It’s just to become the hottest part of the element.”

“I think Allie’s death really put a toll on a lot of different characters in that story. Me, it flipped me completely to the other side because of that. My character spent a lot of time in the dark world so it kind of made sense for that to kind of get stuck with me, to finally step up and speak up for myself and finally be a strong singles competitor, instead of being a part of so many different stories and being attached to so many different people. I just think it was finally my time to just be a strong singles competitor.”

Hogan has had new music and production elements, but says the biggest change so far has been a whole new attitude in general. She says she’s ready to go to the next level with IMPACT, which includes a match against Jordynne Grace and Madison Rayne this Friday on IMPACT Wrestling’s TV show.

“I just feel like it’s made me kind of stronger. I feel like I’ve been able to put my foot down and say ‘Okay, enough is enough. It’s time for me to finally be me and be who I am.’”

Hogan says she’s known Grace, her rival in recent weeks, for several years. She says she’s seen Jordynne come into her own along the way and says Grace has definitely started coming into her own.

“I actually met Jordynne first in Atlanta because at the time she was just—I don’t know if she was just in the beginning stages of her relationship that she’s still in now with Jonathan Gresham—but  I met her at my training school, WWA4, because Jonathan Gresham trained there. She came to train sometimes, so I’ve known Jordan for about four years. I’ve known her for a while, I’ve seen a lot of different stages of Jordynne Grace. So to see her now and to see how successful she is and to be able to work at the level she is now—she’s definitely stepped up to the plate. I think she has found herself and she found her comfortable spot. So I’m proud of her and I love working with her.”

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