Watch Killer Kross Vs. Jon Moxley On FiteTV, Cesaro, Kalisto And More Talk Evolve

Watch Killer Kross Vs. Jon Moxley On FiteTV

Jon Moxley’s surprise appearance and match with Killer Kross at FSW’s recent Natural Born Killers event in Las Vegas will soon be available for public consumption. The official replay of the entire show will launch on July 12 via FiteTV. All indications point to this being the first in several encounters between the two wrestlers, which is nothing if not an exciting prospect.

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Cesaro, Kalisto, And More Talk Evolve

Several WWE superstars talk about their days in Evolve days ahead of the Evolve 10th Anniversary show broadcasting on the WWE Network. Cesaro, Apollo Crews and Tony Neese stated that they were able to put their names on the map thanks to the matches they had there.