Enzo Amore Shares Footage Of Run-In With Joey Janela, Says “Dick Riding Ain’t No Form Of Transportation”

Enzo Amore posted a clip of last night’s run-in with Joey Janela, adding fuel to the fire by tagging the post with the caption “dick riding ain’t no form of transportation.”

Enzo and Janela reportedly got into a scrap at last night’s Blink 182 and Lil Wayne concert in Holmdel, New Jersey, which led to the two going back and forth about the incident. Enzo’s video doesn’t show any physical altercation taking place, but they are seen squaring up before Enzo’s friend (calling him ‘Eric’) gets him to leave the scene.

As noted earlier, both sides said Janela was the one who approached Enzo, who slapped Janela’s hands down and things escalated from there. Janela and Enzo had issues in April after Janela called out Enzo for making a mockery of the business and challenged him to a fight under GCW’s Bloodsport banner.

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