Kevin Owens Gives Shane McMahon A Stunner, Roman Reigns Beats Dolph Ziggler

Tonight’s SmackDown Live ended with as chaotic a finish as fans could have hoped for. In what was shaping up to a great main event between Roman Reigns and Dolph Ziggler, it was Kevin Owens who stole the show.

After being kicked out of the arena earlier in the show thanks to going on a tirade against Shane McMahon, many thought Owens was gone for the night. During the final match of the night, Reigns and Ziggler went at it with all they had, and battled back and forth to come away as the winner.

After Reigns looked to have the win locked up, Drew McIntyre and Elias – who was ringside with McMahon – pulled Ziggler outside to help him catch his breath. Not happy about that, Reigns quickly dove over the ropes and took down the trio of superstars. After receiving a superkick from Ziggler and with McMahon taunting him in the ring, Owens surprised the crowd by sliding in and delivering a quick stunner to McMahon.

With McMahon knocked out, Owens quickly hopped out of the ring and once again escaped into the crowd. With Ziggler and Reigns making their way back inside the ring, Reigns was able to land a devastating spear to Ziggler, which was enough to claim the victory.

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